Biomedicine for Autism-Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Woeller is a world renowned specialist in autism intervention utilizing biomedical therapies such as diet, nutritional supplementation, and integrative therapeutics including Methylcobalamin, Respen-a, Low Dose Naltrexone, GcMAF, immune therapies, and a vast array of other options.

Men & Women’s Health & Hormones (including Adrenal, Thyroid and Sex Hormones)

Dr. Tranchitella has long advocated for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for both men and women as a safer and often more effective approach than traditional medications. As a Naturopathic Doctor she is well versed in herbal and nutritional supplement programs as well to naturally address sex hormone, adrenal and thyroid imbalances. Dr. Tranchitella also works as a clinical consultant for physicians and health practitioners on the implementation of bioidentical hormones for both men and women. Both Drs. Tranchitella and Woeller are specialist in understanding the role of adrenal exhausation and the implementation of Salivary Adrenal Hormone evaluation as an integral part of their health approach. To learn more about Dr. Tranchitella’s work in BHRT and naturopathic nutritional and detoxification programs please visit her Resource section for important links to doctor articles and information videos.

Nutritional Supplements

Both Drs. Woeller and Tranchitella offer access to a wide variety of professional line nutritional supplements. Whether you are seeking assistance with fatigue, improved immunity, healthier digestion, or specialized nutrients for children, pregnancy, and special needs individuals the doctors can assist you. Please visit our Supplements section for direct access.

Specialized Diagnostic Testing

Both Drs. Woeller and Tranchitella are experts in specialized integrative medicine diagnostic testing. They both advise physicians and other health practitioners on lab test interpretation through their work with BioHealth Laboratory. In addition, they provide access to a wide variety of integrative medicine laboratories through their private consulting service: BioHealth Laboratory Great Plains Laboratory Doctors Data SpectraCell Laboratory Neuroscience Health Diagnostics and others, such as Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, etc.

Lab Ordering and Interpretation Service

Drs. Woeller and Tranchitella provide a direct Lab Ordering service for BioHealth Laboratory testing. This service provides individuals the ability to order certain lab tests from BioHealth Laboratory such as the Adrenal Salivary Hormone test, or Stool Pathogen assessment. For more information about this service please visit our direct Lab Ordering page.

Chronic Health Challenges

Both doctors have worked for years in helping patients with chronic health issues through their knowledge of integrative medicine. Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, depression, hormone imbalances, or more serious afflications such as autoimmune disorders (such as Lupus, Thyroiditis, or Inflammatory Bowel Disease), Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc. they can help you. To learn more about Drs. Woeller and Tranchitella’s work with various health problems please visit our Resource section for important links to doctor articles and information videos.