Testing + Interpretation + Recommendations

Lab Tests Plus provides direct to consumer access to a wide variety of Integrative and Functional Medicine testing. With each test result, we provide a written review and interpretation with supplement and/or medication recommendations. Lab Tests Plus utilizes saliva, blood spot (finger prick), stool, urine, breath and hair to assess various functional aspects of your health. This type of specialized testing is usually only available through an Integrative or Functional Medicine practitioner, however, through Lab Tests Plus, you as the consumer have access to testing which may help to reveal the underlying deficits and imbalances contributing to your health challenges. None of the labs provided through Lab Tests Plus require a blood draw and can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Once collections are complete, kits are mailed back to the lab of origin in the prepaid envelope provided with each kit. All test results will come to Lab Tests Plus for our review and forwarded to you along with your written review and recommendations.

Please go to the Lab Tests Plus website for an extensive list of available tests.

Review Only

Lab Tests Plus will also provide help with interpretation of your existing test results. This service allows you to submit your existing lab tests for review. We will provide a written test interpretation along with supplement and/or medication recommendations. Please click here for Review Only.

Lab Tests Plus does not provide traditional blood tests that require a blood draw. For direct to consumer purchasing of traditional blood tests, we recommend Direct Labs or Life Extension Foundation. Both provide an online resource with an extensive menu of traditional blood tests often at discounted prices. The results of these tests can be submitted for review through Lab Tests Plus.