Integrative Medicine Academy offers comprehensive online training courses for healthcare professionals. The Academy focuses on Integrative and Functional Medicine practices that can be incorporated into a specialized or general medical practice, naturopathic practice or nutritional consulting practice.

Each course includes webinar lectures, question and answer sessions, protocols and practices, downloadable office documents, treatment program templates and continued access to the instructors through private forums. Most of our courses are live and dynamic which allows us to include new and updated information each time a course is offered. We have a few evergreen courses that are available for purchase at any time.

For more information about the courses offered, visit us:  Integrative Medicine Academy,

Our course list includes the following along with direct links to each course:

Integrative Medicine AcademyAutism Mastery
Functional Medicine Mastery
Adrenal Mastery (Evergreen)
Hormone Mastery (Evergreen)
Toxicity Mastery
SIBO Mastery