Genomic Testing Through IntellxxDNA

Genomic Testing Through IntellxxDNA

By Kurt N. Woeller, DO & Tracy Tranchitella, ND

We are excited to be offering a new laboratory analysis to our practice. IntellxxDNA is laboratory providing advanced genomic testing for functional and integrative medicine practices. It is a powerful tool for both finding the root contributing factors to chronic health issues, as well as optimizing overall health, including brain and nervous system function. In addition to their reports geared at cognition and chronic disease, they also have a report that focuses on mental wellness for common health issues such as anxiety, attention and focus problems (ADD/ADHD), and depression. Additional profiles are helpful for autism and special needs.

Genomics is the science of evaluating small changes that can occur within DNA, referred to as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). For the most part, these SNPs do not cause disease on their own but in combination with other triggers and environmental factors, these SNPs can contribute to both health problems and wellness. Getting to know yourself down to the genetic level with IntellxxDNA genomics allows for more in-depth personalized intervention.

We just returned from a recent Medical Academy of Special Needs (MAPS) conference where IntellxxDNAs gave a presentation highlighting the best ways to apply the information provided by genetic testing. IntellxxDNA has been featured on several podcasts, webinars, and in publications discussing the applicability of genetic screening. You can listen to some of these, like the interview with Dr. Jill Carnahan on Mood and Memory, as well as other excerpts from a town hall with the Alzheimer’s expert, Dr. Dale Bredesen on the IntellxxDNA website. There are also some great webinar recordings that you can WATCH HERE.

IntellxxDNA allows us to evaluate over 600 DNA sequence changes that help make you unique. Everything in the report is modifiable, meaning that you can do something about these changes that translates to health optimization. Their analysis provides a road map for improving chronic diseases such as cognitive decline, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, gut issues and more. It also allows us to look at your genetic foundation and how you absorb and carry various nutrients and hormones throughout your body, and into your brain.

For more information about our use of the IntellxxDNA reports and which option may be best for your situation, please reach out to us at