Nutritional supplements are everywhere – your grocery store, local pharmacy, health food stores, box stores and endless options online. We are left with the impression that we will not be healthy or meet our nutritional needs without them but the variety of supplements available can be overwhelming and the general public may not know what is really necessary for their individual needs. As a result, people end up taking too many supplements or none at all.

It is our goal at Sunrise Functional Medicine to guide our patients towards the appropriate products specific to their needs as determined by a thorough history and functional testing. We see complex patients with multiple issues, and it is important for us as practitioners, not to recommend more supplements than needed. We often address issues in sequence so that our patients are not taking too many things at once. Once more acute conditions are addressed, we can move into a good maintenance program that is both nutritionally supportive and affordable.

Supplements are supplementary to a healthy diet and lifestyle. No supplement will erase the effects of poor diet and lifestyle choices. Using supplements judicially and wisely is the best way to go.