At Sunrise Functional Medicine, we use a variety of Integrative and Functional Medicine labs to evaluate our patients. We also use standard blood tests whenever possible. We are judicious in ordering labs and select the ones that we feel will most direct our course of treatment. Labs are ordered based on the history and clinical presentation of each patient. Please see below for a list of labs that we have found to provide us with the most accurate and meaningful information.

Direct to the Public Laboratory Services

Lab Tests Plus — If you are interested in ordering labs with a written interpretation and basic recommendations outside of a consult. This is popular with individuals who cannot travel, have limited resources, or are just seeking additional health information or assistance for themselves or their child.


Functional Lab Testing

BioHealth Laboratory — Salivary Adrenal/HPA Profile, SIBO Breath Test, Stool Pathogen Screen, Metabolic Assessment Profile, Salivary Sex Hormones, Menstrual Cycle Mapping, Melatonin, Dim-Light Melatonin Output (DLMO) and Intestinal Permeability Test.

Great Plains Laboratory — Organic Acids Tests (OAT), MycoTox Profile, GPL-Tox Profile, Glyphosate Test, IgG Food Allergy + Candida Antibodies, Kryptopyrrole Test, Porphyrins Test, Heavy Metals Tests (Urine, Hair, Fecal), Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) and more.

ZRT Laboratory — Blood Spot Testing for Sex Hormones, Thyroid and Female Fertility.

Cyrex Laboratories — Providing various serum tests in Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity.

Diagnostic Solutions — GI Map (DNA/PCR Based Stool Test), CytoDx (Inflammatory/Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines).

Genova Diagnostics — Provides an extensive menu of various Functional Medicine and Genomic Testing.

Precision Analytical — Dried urine hormone and adrenal testing for those who cannot provide a salivary sample.