Every day we are exposed to numerous toxins that can have a negative impact on our health. Environmental chemicals, poor quality foods, heavy metals, chemicals in our homes and personal products, endocrine disruptors, pesticides, herbicides – the list goes on. Even the most health-conscious individuals cannot completely avoid exposures. In order to combat this daily barrage of toxic compounds, we need to support our body’s ability to clear these toxins by opening the pathways of detoxification and providing the nutrients necessary to safely and effectively move these toxins out of the body.

Our major detoxification organs include the skin, lungs, liver, GI tract and the kidneys. Before we push detoxification pathways on a cellular and biochemical level, we need to make sure that all avenues of elimination are functioning optimally. If we do not assure that the body can actually clear products of detoxification, symptoms can often get worse. We offer individualized detoxification programs base on patient history and functional testing which includes screening for various toxins.

Detoxification can also serve as a way to clear the symptom picture of the patient. We often see patients with complex disorders who have received multiple diagnoses over several years. Dealing with issues of metabolic, environmental and dietary toxicity can resolve many of the symptoms in these complex patients revealing the true underlying cause or causes of their issues. As Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioners, it is always our goal to address the root cause of health issues and detoxification programs help to remove the symptom chatter that often clouds our ability to get to the crux of the issue.