You can treat and potentially recover your child from Autism

~Dr. Kurt Woeller

Dr. Kurt Woeller is a world-renowned physician in the field of Biomedical Autism Intervention. His approach to treating and recovering children from autism has been finely tuned after more than 20 years of treating children on the Autism Spectrum. His treatment plans encompass a whole-body approach which includes dietary changes and nutritional supplements to address gut issues, brain inflammation, sleep and behavioral issues.

Dr. Woeller also implements treatments to reduce yeast and clostridia infections which are commonly seen amongst children on the Autism Spectrum. He utilizes specific testing to help identify the main issues contributing to the individual symptoms present in each ASD patient and is very skilled at putting this data together to develop individualized programs based on patient history, test results and extensive experience in treating this condition. Dr. Woeller works with children and adults and is available via phone or internet for consultations.