Tracy Tranchitella, N.D.

Tracy Tranchitella, N.D.

Dr. Tranchitella is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in women’s health, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and thyroid and adrenal issues. She is also a specialist in naturopathic consultations for general health issues such as digestive disorders, blood sugar management, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease and chronic fatigue. Dr. Tranchitella works as a lab consultant for BioHealth Laboratory providing doctors and allied health professionals laboratory interpretation and clinical complexity troubleshooting consultations on various integrative medicine lab tests.

Her private practice health consulting approach with each individual is to maintain a balanced whole food diet, along with stress management, quality sleep, regular exercise, and making time for the things that bring joy to our lives as vitally important to any wellness program. Dr. Tranchitella utilizes herbal remedies, individualized supplement programs, and detoxification therapies as part of her comprehensive approach to resolving complex health issues and hormone imbalances.

Lab Testing: Dr. Tranchitella, along with Dr. Woeller, is involved in laboratory interpretation and action step wellness information via the lab testing website called Lab Tests Plus. This is a public access website for personal ordering of a wide variety of integrative health tests including salivary hormones, food sensitivities, organic acid analysis, nutrient analysis, stool testing, etc.

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Medical School:Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Tempe, Arizona)

Private Practice

General:Naturopathic Medicine

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Lab ConsultantBioHealth Laboratory