What You Should Do To Evaluate Your Fatigue

By Dr. Tracy Tranchitella

Each person who is being evaluated for chronic fatigue should have a standard work-up for common problems known to cause fatigue such as thyroid disorder, anemia, hormone deficiencies, immune deficiency, cancer screen, and acute infections, i.e. mononucleosis. Most family physicians and general practitioners are well versed in this basic work-up. However, for many individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) these basic tests are normal or inconclusive, but the problem still persists.

As Dr. Woeller explained in his article “Are You Fatigued…” for the vast majority of individuals suffering with CFS and FMS the problem is more complex and involves a number of things that contribute to the problem, including:

  • Acute viral infection
  • Chronic infections – viral, bacterial, parasitic and/or yeast
  • Emotional/mental stress
  • Years of poor sleep
  • Years of poor diet
  • Hormonal imbalances such as adrenal insufficiency, thyroid dysfunction, sex hormone deficiency
  • Poor detoxification and mitochondria function

ALL of which lead to:

  1. Hypothalamus-Adrenal Axis (HPA) Dysfunction – which affects all hormones in the body, as well as sleep.
  2. Problems of thyroid metabolism.
  3. Immune imbalances leading to persistent infections and susceptibility to new infections
  4. Poor detoxification increasing susceptibility to environmental toxins such as chemicals, i.e. pesticides, solvents and heavy metals.
  5. Poor digestion

Proper Testing Necessary:

Salivary adrenal testing is one of the best tools I have found to explain why so many people are fatigued. The adrenal glands function to support all of the various organs in the body and when stressed often lead to poor cortisol production. Evaluating cortisol levels throughout the day is critical for proper adrenal gland function. Without good cortisol output we are prone to blood sugar imbalance, chronic inflammation, and weakened immunity. Also, poor adrenal function will alter other hormones as well, including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid.

If you are fatigued I would recommend getting start with NT Energy Factor by Researched Nutritionals (www.researchednutritionals.com) as explained in Dr. Woeller’s article. The product is CRN 101 and the purchase code = WOELL with the following dosage recommendations:

  • Months 1 and 2:  2 tablets with each meal or 6 tablets daily
  • Month 3 and Beyond:  1 tablet with each meal or 3 tablets daily

In addition, I would also recommend Salivary Adrenal Testing as well. If you are interested in help with your fatigue, hormone evaluation and/or overall health I offering a special initial consultation through the end of October to evaluate these issues. This consult is $150. Please contact my office at info@mysunrisecenter.com or 951-461-4800 for more information.

3 Responses to “What You Should Do To Evaluate Your Fatigue”

  1. Cecilia Barbosa
    20. Sep, 2012 at 6:06 pm #

    Dear Dr.Woeller
    Iam going to be attending this weekend at Santa Fe Conference for mental health .

    I will love to have the opportunity to talk to you.I work in a Nursery Schoo with autistic children , behaviour and Iearning Challanges,in a inclusive setting .
    In the afternoons i have my holistic nutrition private practice .I am been taking your seminars for the past two years. Perhaps my name sounds familiar to you?I learned a lot thank you know very much

    My nephew is having serious health challenges ,chronic fatigue and i am pretty sure his levels of Clostrerium are veryhigh ?
    Leonardo.35 is coming from Vancouver to talk to you guys?He Will bring his case of what we have been doing for the past year …He is better but no great yet.

    Do you know any college in the Vancouver Canada that you know can refer him?or?
    Could you take his case?
    Could we please talk?
    I am in Santa Fe already

    Best Regards
    Registered Holistic Nutritionist
    .BA Early Child Educator

    • bwoeller
      20. Sep, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

      I would be happy to speak to you in Santa Fe. I will be arriving late Friday night, but will be at the conference on Saturday morning through the weekend. I do not know of anyone in Vancouver, Canada, but I currently reside in Bend, Oregon so perhaps we can work something out. Just come and find me and introduce yourself.

      Dr. Woeller

  2. Jan Keller
    30. Apr, 2013 at 12:31 am #

    I am wondering if you charge to Blue Cross Blue Sheild or if the tests for Adrenal is something I could pay and submit? Can you tell me how this works? The tests seem expensive so I was wondering which one’s are the most important for fatigue and digestion? Thanks. Please email me the price points and what is included in getting tested. I am sure that that would only be the beginning so if you could give me an idea where I stand on a cost point for this type of treatment I would appreciate it. Just an estimate. I have had physicals but looking for a more proactive approach. Thanks!

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