GcMAF – An Emerging Therapy for Immune Disorders

GcMAF – An Emerging Therapy for Immune Disorders

Immune system problems are rampant these days. Cancer is on the rise, more and more people are suffering with ill-health, and debilitating disorders of the nervous system are often tied to problems with immune function. For individuals with autism who have documented immune imbalances there are various therapies that can help restore health and improve their overall brain function. GcMAF is one such therapy that is showing great promise and benefit.

GcMAF stands for vitamin D-binding protein derived macrophage activating factor. The Gc is the Gc-globlin (vitamin D binding protein). In a healthy individuals the GcMAF helps to command the immune system into action by directing cells called macrophages (macro = large, phage = to eat) which attack and engulf various pathogens. They are a type of white blood cell that becomes activated by inflammation and help to coordinate immunoglobulin production for further immune system reactivity. We need macrophages to function properly to neutralize various infectious agents and cancer cells.

Cancer cells and cells often infected with viruses can produce an enzyme called Nagalase. Nagalase neutralizes GcMAF and therefore macrophages do not get the signal to go into action. Overtime cancer cells go unchecked and chronic infections can persist. Chronic infections are quite common in autism.

GcMAF can now be isolated from healthy human serum and is available as an immune supportive therapy in the United States and abroad. GcMAF is given by an injection using a 0.3ml insulin syringe (small needle) once weekly. For cancer patients this therapy can last 8 to 18 months depending on the severity and stage of the disease. HIV and chronic fatigue patients may need therapy upwards of 6 to 8 months, and in autism treatment courses vary, but 4 to 8 months should be expected.

There are various blood tests that should be ascertained prior to GcMAF therapy. Most specifically is a Nagalase test available through Vitamin Diagnositics, as well as complete blood count with differential (CBC w/Diff) and vitamin D as 25(OH)D (which can be done from almost any hospital or clinic laboratory). I also recommend doing an initial comprehensive metabolic panel including liver and kidney function as well (although there are no known recorded cases of liver and/or kidney toxicity from GcMAF therapy).

Two excellent websites you need to visit to learn more about this therapy are – Immune Medicine.com and GcMAF.eu. The latter has more specific information about GcMAF for autism, how to obtain it, etc.

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